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Closed laser welding machine – Small

The GLA series stands for fully enclosed CNC laser systems with up to 5 NC axes for welding, cutting and marking applications of any kind.

Open welding machine – Compact

The OLA-C model was developed for the process-safe production of small components up to 5 kg, in single and small batch sizes.

Open laser welding machine – Tower

The OLA-T model was designed for processing very large workpieces. The tower structure with cantilevered Y-axis allows free access in front of the system via stereo microscope directly to the workpiece.

Open laser welding machine – Flex

The OLA-F model was developed for the reliable production of highly complex components weighing up to 600 kg.

Closed laser welding machine – Medium

The GLA series represents a fully housed CNC laser system with up to 5 NC axes for welding, cutting and marking applications of all kinds. The larger GLA-M, despite an enlarged working area by a factor of 3 compared to the GLA-S, has a machine footprint of only approx. 1.2 square meters.

Manual laser welding machine – Modular

The Modular model of the HLA series is a versatile and customizable manual laser welding machine. The basic machine can be individually adapted to the requirements by a variety of options.

Manual laser welding machine – Basic

As a basic model, the HLA-B offers the entry into hand-guided, manual welding. Different welds can be easily realized by working freely, directly on the component.

Manual laser welding machine – Modular Plus

The HLA-M+ model offers the largest possible expansion level. The HLA-M basic machine can be modularly equipped with additional, customer- and application-specific functionalities.

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