Closed laser welding machine – Small

Extremely small footprint of less than 0.75 sqm

For small component sizes

Mineral casting monoblock basic kinematics

Highest precision, rigidity and repeatability


The GLA series stands for fully enclosed CNC laser systems for welding, cutting and marking applications of any kind. The GLA-S is the smallest enclosed CNC system in the WPT portfolio with a pure machine footprint of less than 0.75 sqm and machine housing according to laser protection class 1. It is designed for the reliable yet flexible production of small components. Despite the compact footprint, the machine cell made of aluminum system profile offers highest precision, rigidity and repeatability in the working area thanks to a 3-axis basic kinematics made of a mineral cast monoblock. The optional rotary swivel unit, which is specially adapted to the GLA, allows the use of up to 5 fully CNC-controlled axes.

The system is operated using WPT’s own control panel, which centrally controls the machines as well as the laser functions. The panel has an integrated haptic keypad for the main motion functions of the system. An optional joystick is available for the teach or setup mode, which makes it possible to program new products directly at the machine within a few minutes in an innovative, fast and flexible way.

Technical data

Approx. 800x860x2100 mm (W/D/H)
Approx. 550kg
Connection data
380 V
Working area
350x250x260 mm (X/Y/Z)
Workpiece weight
3 axes: Max. 30 kg; 5 axes: 5 kg
335x265x170 mm (X/Y/Z)
Basic equipment
Machine control
WPT CNC control
WPT touch panel + keyboard + mouse + haptic keypad
NC drives
Closed-loop stepper motors (high precision)
Safety functions
Control integrated & real-time monitored
Safety sensors
Exhaust monitoring, machine enclosure monitored
Machine body
Mineral casting monoblock
Machine enclosure
Steel plate, color RAL 7016 (others on request)
Machine door
Manually or automatically executed
Viewing window
2x generously designed laser protection windows
Designed for half-seat and standing operation
Laser source & welding optics
Customer & application specific
Extraction system
Customer & application specific
Machine equipment
Configurable via equipment options

Anfrage / Request

Ich interessiere mich für eine Fertiglösung von WEISSER / I am interested in a ready-to-use solution from WEISSER