Hand Laseranlage – Modular

Individual configurable

WPT Machine control for manual, and semi-automatic processes

Free, manual working


The Modular model of the HLA series is a versatile and customizable manual laser welding machine. The basic machine can be individually adapted to the requirements by a variety of options. The manually adjustable X-axis, which allows the welding optics to be guided to the optimum working position; the swivel-mounted optics to reach welding positions that are difficult to access, as well as the T-slot working plate with module recess to install additional machine accessories flexibly but safely, are just a few examples that the HLA-M offers, in addition to the advantages of the Basic model to make the system even more flexible to use.

The HLA-M has an integrated machine control system. All laser and machine functions are controlled via an intuitive touch panel. In addition to the functionalities of the HLA-B, relevant parameters, such as the gas supply, can also be actively monitored in the HLA-M model for process assurance.

Technical data

Approx. 1200x900x2700 mm (W/D/H)
Approx. 350 kg
Connection data
400 V
Working space
Approx 1100x760x300 mm (W/D/H)
Workpiece weight
Max. 50 kg
Z-axis travel
300 mm position regulated
Basic configuration
Machine control
WPT NC control
WPT–Touchpanel 10,1“ + haptic keypad
NC drives
Closed-loop Step motors (high precision)
Safety functions
Control integrated & real time monitoring
Safety sensors
Exhaust monitoring, work area monitoring
Machine frame
Aluminum system profile
Machine enclosure
Sheet steel, color RAL 7016 (others on request)
Laser source & welding optics
Customer & application specific
Extraction system
Customer & application specific
Machine equipment
Configurable via equipment options

Anfrage / Request

Ich interessiere mich für eine Fertiglösung von WEISSER / I am interested in a ready-to-use solution from WEISSER