Manual laser welding machine – Basic

Entry into hand-guided, manual welding

Greatest possible freedom with a small footprint

High resolution stereo microscope with crosshairs


As a basic model, the HLA-B offers the entry into hand-guided, manual welding. Different welds can be easily realized by working freely, directly on the component. Due to its open design, the HLA offers the greatest possible degree of freedom with a small footprint. The high-resolution stereo microscope offers the machine operator a direct, absolutely precise view of the work area. In combination with the enormous depth of focus, welding results of the highest quality can be achieved on the HLA-B.

The HLA-B is parameterized by means of the operating panel of the selected laser source. The laser beam and the protective gas supply can be controlled via a 2-step foot switch. The amount of shielding gas can be adjusted directly on the stereomicroscope via a control valve. The motorized Z-axis allows easy focus height adjustment.

Technical data

Approx. 1200x900x2700 mm (W/D/H)
Approx. 300 kg
Connection data
230V / 2A
Working space
Approx. 1100x760x300 mm (W/D/H)
Workpiece weight
Max. 50 kg
Z-axis travel
300 mm unregulated
Basic configuration
Machine control
Machine: 2-way pushbutton for Z-axis
NC drives
DC drive
Safety functions
Laser safety circuit
Safety sensors
Working area monitoring in laser safety circuit
Machine frame
Aluminum system profile
Machine enclosure
Sheet steel, color RAL 7016 (others upon request)
Laser source & welding optics
Customer & application specific
Extraction system
Customer & application specific
Machine equipment
Not configurable

Anfrage / Request

Ich interessiere mich für eine Fertiglösung von WEISSER / I am interested in a ready-to-use solution from WEISSER