Wire feed

Fully automatic wire feed drive

Triggered by the well-known and constantly recurring issues such as inaccuracies, irregular welds, etc., with manual wire feeding we have scrutinized this problem and developed our own proprietary system.

Our patent of "fully automatic wire feed", submitted in 2008, was accepted in 2010 and contributes significantly to process reliability, especially in the area of medical technology.

Our system offers many benefits

  • Controlled, maximum-precision wire feed (force sensor)
  • Defined contract pressure of the wire
  • Gas discharge directly in the welding area
  • Automatic filling of large areas
  • Compensation of component tolerances
  • Processing of complex contours
  • Consistently uniform welds through consistent weld volume
  • Indication and separation of faulty parts through permanent monitoring of the welding process
  • Detection and correction of unequal delivery characteristics
  • Welding of many materials considered unweldable

Wire diameter Steel 0,3 bis 1,0 mm
  Aluminium 0,5 bis 1,0 mm

Mode of operation

Starting and stopping the wire takes place automatically and is monitored constantly. Different from standard wire feed systems, the patented TeKoL system uses a feed weight instead of a feed rate. The wire feed adjusts the delivery rate automatically; this ensures constantly consistent welding depth, weld volume and a homogeneous laser weld even for complicated and difficult-to-access 3D contours with different contour speeds. Process reliability is ensured through continuous force and speed monitoring. For example, if the wire moves close to the edge zone and slides off the workpiece, the system is no longer able to measure any resistance and the process is interrupted.