Special laser systems


From concept to process support – everything from one source

Entire process chains in one system


In addition to the standard repertoire, WPT manufactures special laser systems individually designed to meet customer requirements. The reliable WPT mechanical engineering and the use of high-quality laser components, together with the use of technical monitoring systems, guarantees a stable and reproducible process.

Example concept:
Fully automated cutting cell with multiple optics. The basis is a solid cast steel machine stand. A highly precise and complex 5-axis contour is cut in the shortest cycle time and automatically loaded and unloaded from the respective station via the centrally integrated robot. Despite two cutting stations, only one laser source is required for cutting in this system.
Despite two cutting stations, only one laser source is required for cutting, the power of which is directed to the respective active optics via a beam switch. In addition to optimizing the cycle time for the high-precision overall system, this also reduces costs.

SLA-D turntable concept
The basis is a solid steel construction. The system can be loaded and unloaded from the front, either fully automatically or manually. Welding is performed simultaneously to the other processes. In this way, the cycle time can be kept very low despite complex handling and testing procedures. The system can be individually tailored to the customer and their requirements. Additional process steps, handling or inspection tasks can be flexibly integrated, allowing complex process chains to be mapped in the smallest possible space.

Example concept SLA-D3:
3-station turntable system incl. position correction, testing and welding with filler wire. Fully automatic welding with the additional wire is realized on a 3-station turntable. Station 1 is used for loading and unloading. Station 2 automatically checks the presence of the components, corrects their position and welds on both sides fully automatically with additional wire. Station 3 evaluates the weld produced, defective parts are automatically rejected, while the fixture is cooled to ensure permanent process stability.

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