Contract Manufacturing

Apart from developing special-purpose machines and mounting the assembly, our company is specialized in the production of prototypes, small batch series and large-scale production. From constructing your machine, all the way to processing and assembling individual or complex components, our team can help you to achieve your goals. Our customers benefit from our in-house machinery and our years of experience with laser beam cutting and welding.

Advising and creating a concept for laser working places is one of the services we offer. Additionally we can manufacture your product in advance. This reduces the time needed for evaluation and results in swift availability. As a result we canhelp you realize cost savings.

Laser beam welding and cutting (2D / 3D outlines) using pulsed lasers (without rework)

Joint welding of individual components.

Joint welding of sheet metal parts and edges

Laser beam cutting of single components

Fully automated build-up welding (with welding extensions)

Laser beam joint welding (2D / 3D outlines) with CW lasers (without rework)

Conventional contract manufacturing